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Sensory Gym

Sensory Gym

Come see the variety of swings including the infant swing, flying trapeze, platform with slide and ball-pit, rock wall and all of our tactile and fine motor equipment!

Our therapists will evaluate children (ages birth through 21) and provide on-site treatment in our fully equipped gym. The gym is composed of a group of Occupational Therapists, dually certified speech and language Pathologists/Audiologists, and Physical Therapists. Social workers, psychologists and pediatricians are called in as needed to assist with individual cases. Evaluations are typically performed over the course of two to three visits. Outreach to the school system can be arranged if necessary. Follow-up is on an as-needed basis.

Sensory Gym location:
130-F Montauk Hwy
East Moriches, NY 11934

To schedule an appointment or to arrange for an evaluation, call 631-874-0571.


Sensory CenterSensory Gym

Sensory GymSensory Gym

Sensory Gym


Sick Child Policy

Dear Wonderful Parents,

With winter coming, we can soon expect frigid temperatures, snow, ice--and unfortunately, colds and the flu! Young children are especially susceptible to illnesses, and because many of our Center's children have special needs, health problems and compromised immune systems, unnecessary exposure to colds and flu viruses must be kept to a minimum.

With this in mind, Out East Therapy would like to make you aware of our "sick child policy," which was created for the well-being of both the children at our Center and our therapists.

Children should NOT be sent to the Center if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

1. Fever within the last 24 hours
2. Excessive wheezing or coughing.
3. First 2 days of a cold, especially if the child is uncomfortable or has a runny nose with yellow/green mucous.
4.  Infectious nasal discharge of nasal discharge that will need to be wiped more than once per session by the therapist.
5.  Rash (not heat or allergy related).
6.  Diarrhea (i.e. more than four bowel movements a day or looser than normal).
7. Vomiting
8. Strep throat.
9. Skin infections such as staph, impetigo and ring worm.
10. Any discharge or matter around the eyes,
11.  Inflamed throat and/or mouth,
12. Unusual listless or irritable behavior.

In addition, children with head lice, or those with open wounds without proper bandages, should also not be sent to the Center.

Parents with a son or daughter exhibiting any of the above symptoms will be called to pick up their child.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter; we look forward to a productive--and healthy--winter.

Krista Debler, Owner-Director